Brain Massage

By Mark Nuyens
4 min. read🧘‍♂️ Lifestyle

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience a unique offering from Rituals, a brand renowned for their personal care product range. On a visit to their flagship store in Antwerp, Belgium, I was intrigued by a new section separated by a large, soundproof glass wall. This space, explained the store's staff, was home to their latest innovation: two massage stations, one for a "brain massage" through sound, and the other offering a "physical massage" via water vibrations on a water bed. Having just returned from a busy city trip, I found the prospect of a soothing mental rest irresistible and decided to try the brain massage.

The massage station felt like stepping into a futuristically designed, first-class cabin bed. The ergonomically designed bed ensured my legs were placed higher than my head, promoting a naturally restful posture. After a quick briefing from the employee, I initiated the relaxation exercise. A calming voice guided me through breathing exercises, accompanied by visual animations, while strategically positioned speakers provided an immersive 4D sound experience. The high-quality audio seemed to surround me, making me wonder if my typical noise-cancelling headphones could match this level of immersion.

Outer CabineThe Brain Massage cabin from the outside.

As the voice instructions faded into the background, I was left alone with my thoughts and the relaxing music. As someone who struggles to fall asleep, I wasn't expecting drastic results. However, towards the end of the session, I found myself entering a state of deep calm and relaxation, losing track of time. Emerging from the capsule, I felt as if I had been resting for hours, despite the session lasting just thirty minutes. I found myself drowsy, feeling as if I just had a power nap — a feeling that was confirmed by the store employee, who shared that a session is equivalent to approximately three hours of sleep (!) 😲

Inner cabine, high angleHigh-angle view from inside the cabine.

The effects of the brain massage continued to manifest even after I left the store. That night, I experienced the best sleep I had had in a long time, waking up the next day fully re-energized. I couldn't help but attribute this rejuvenation to the brain massage experience. Despite the relatively steep cost of €30 for a half-hour session, I felt that the investment was worth the guaranteed relaxation and rest. So for anyone with the budget and in need for some refreshment, this might just be worth your while.

Inner cabine, low angleLow-angle view from inside the cabine.

While this story may seem a departure from my usual focus on software, technology and AI, I do consider this to be at the intersection of technology and human experiences. These products and services could possibly be personalized further by optimizing them based on an individual's preferences and past experiences. In any case, it will be interesting to see how this innovation develops and whether people are willing to invest in such tools. While there are various (more economical) methods for relaxation, not all of them offer the unique combination of technology and comfort that Rituals has recently introduced.

One thing is for sure though, I haven't had such a good night's rest in a long time. So, thank you, Rituals!