This is as close as you come to what goes around in my mind.

Great Reset

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

The emergence of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT has undoubtedly revolutionized our world, impacting many jobs and tasks. As a web developer and writer, I cannot overstate how much these tools have allowed me to expand beyond my skill set and learn a lot in the process.

AI Surveillance

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

When we talk about AI, most of us probably think about chatbots, or more specifically large language models (LLM’s), that help us express ourselves in a more guided and automated manner. Even Apple has revealed its involvement in the AI race while incorporating OpenAI as its primary chatbot.

Auto Play

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

The flickering glow of a screen, a mesmerizing dance of light and color – video has an undeniable power to capture our attention. From the early days of television to the endless scroll of TikTok, video has become an inescapable force in our lives.

AI Economics

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Training an AI model is a significant undertaking. Not only does it demand substantial financial investment, but it also requires highly specialized infrastructure and software capable of processing the data necessary for model creation.

AI Engines

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

The dust may be settling on the accusations of Google's search engine monopoly, but a new battle seems to be brewing in the realm of AI engines. Once again, Apple stands at the center, facing the same questions of power and control.

About Tabs

3 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Tabs are everywhere, from file explorers to web browsers, IDEs, and even vertically, in messaging apps like WhatsApp. While the metaphor may seem outdated in a time where physical folders and tabs have become less common, the concept has been able to survive by providing users with a fast and easy way to organize and access information.

Apples & Oranges

8 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

The recent antitrust lawsuit against Apple by the US Department of Justice due has lead to some heated debates about the company's control over its app ecosystem, more specifically the App Store.

Slot Machines

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

When it comes to social media platform like TikTok and Instagram, it's hard to ignore the addictive nature of their content. These platforms seem to be designed to keep users engaged for as long as possible, utilizing various tactics to trigger dopamine hits and encourage continuous usage.

GoPro Glasses

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Augmented reality (AR) glasses currently represents the next step in consumer electronics, potentially revolutionizing the way we experience and interact with our digital world. With Meta's ambitious plans to bring AR glasses into the mainstream, it's becoming increasingly clear how the technology is gaining traction.

Abstraction Layers

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Abstraction layers play a crucial role in mediating the complexity of digital systems, allowing users to interact with them through simpler and more accessible interfaces. The user interface is a prime example of this abstraction in action - with a simple press of a button, users can initiate complex processes happening behind the scenes.

Super Webapps

7 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Apple is being accused of anti-competitive behavior in the United States, including its control over so-called "super apps". For those unfamiliar with the term, super apps are essentially applications that offer a wide range of smaller apps under a single roof, similar to how shopping centers offer a variety of stores.

Virtual Escapism

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Last week, I tried the Apple Vision Pro for the first time, mostly thanks to my fiancΓ©e. She is currently researching the concept of the Sublime in relation to Virtual Reality (VR) and wanted to explore whether VR could provide such experiences.

Normalize Everything

2 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

In a previous article, I explored the use of AI tools for summarizing content to save time and improve reader engagement. However, I believe that AI can play an even more significant role in our every-day communication by normalizing content.

Data Point

4 min. readπŸ”Β Analysis

The collection and use of personal data has been a topic of growing concern in recent years. From the ubiquitous cookie popups to more comprehensive laws designed to protect user privacy, it has become clear that individuals are increasingly valuing their personal information.

Unanticipated Unification

3 min. readπŸ”Β Analysis

The concept of unanticipated unification has been on my mind recently. It refers to the design of certain tools, products, or services that are intertwined with other components in a way that we don't anticipate or desire.

Relative Intelligence

4 min. readπŸ”Β Analysis

Since I was a teenager, I've been fascinated by the concept of measuring intelligence. It has long been reduced to a single score that measures one's cognitive abilities, referred to as IQ. However, this approach has always seemed narrow-minded to me, as it fails to account for the complexities of the human mind.

YouTube Ads

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

I can't remember the last time I intentionally clicked on a YouTube ad. In fact, when using YouTube on your TV, engaging with ads isn't even an option. With ads becoming longer and more prevalent, it's hard to ignore the feeling that we're back to the old days of cable television...

Apple's Compliance

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Starting March 7, Apple will be required to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which mandates the company to permit third-party app stores on its iOS platform. Apple's response regarding these changes has been quite revealing, to say the least.

Sheep's Clothes

7 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

You've probably about Meta launching Threads, their latest social media platform. What's different this time is how its content is distributed. Instead of keeping all data centralized, Threads will essentially be accessible from other services.

Omni Glass

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

With Samsung launching its new smart ring at CES, and Apple launching its headset, I can't help but feel a sense of recognition (and nostalgia, for that matter). Thirteen years ago, when I was still in college, I was tasked with coming up with my own technological idea.

Bug Coin

5 min. readπŸš€Β Entrepreneurship

In 2012, being a 22-year-old intern at a web development company called Studio Stomp, I was just months away from starting my thesis on a project from the same company. However, as the project came closer, I realized that I had an idea of my own I wanted to pursue.

Rabbit r1

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

A few months ago, my attention was drawn to an intriguing device known as the AI Pin, crafted by Humane. My initial skepticism, particularly regarding its lack of a screen, remains intact. This week, the startup Rabbit unveiled a device at CES, presenting itself as a hybrid between the AI Pin and a conventional smartphone.

Q Star

5 min. readπŸ€–Β Artificial Intelligence

The recent firing of Sam Altman from his position as CEO of OpenAI has sparked a lot of speculation about the reasons behind his departure. One theory is that he was pushing the company in a direction that the board was not comfortable with.

Generative Interfaces

6 min. read🎨 Software Design

Software design has long been dominated by fixed interfaces trying to please every type of user, often resulting in overwhelming and cluttered experiences. Microsoft Office, with its countless buttons, menus, panels, and tabs, is a prime example of this issue.

Big-Tech Sympathy

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Although I've been fairly critical of big-tech companies in the past, I also believe it's important to explore the narrative from their perspective. While my primary focus remains on the role of consumers as the guiding force in shaping values and practices, acknowledging the constraints that tech companies face is also important.

Innocent Gadgets?

8 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Do you recall your first encounter with computers, or any gadget for that matter? Chances are you were probably too young to remember. That's okay, what I'm getting at is that our first interaction with computers and gadgets happens in the early chapters of life.

Gateway Products

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

I recently purchased a new TV from a brand I hadn't heard of beforeβ€”TCL. The reviews were promising, and the price was notably competitive. But once I turned the TV on, I was asked to make a decision: use its traditional TV channels or dive into Google TV with its rich internet content.

Offline November 2023

6 min. read😊 Personal

Over the past month, I did something unusual. Something that has become somewhat of a tradition for me: a digital detox, or more specifically, not using my smartphone throughout November.


6 min. readπŸ”Β Analysis

As a fan of horror movies, I recently watched the 2020 film 'Rent-A-Pal'. The storyline revolves around a lonely character who finds companionship in a rented videotape, a story that unfolds against the backdrop of nostalgic '90s technology.

Contemplating Content

7 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

What does "content" mean these days exactly? In the context of the internet, it’s often associated with YouTubers, content creators who skillfully blend videos, photos and speech into captivating posts, shared and liked through social media.

AI Pin

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

This week, Humane unveiled its new AI Pin, an interesting mobile device designed to be worn on the chest without a screen, challenging conventional smartphone functionalities.

Syndrome Imposter

3 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

With the increasing assistance of AI chatbots in our writing, the question of authorship has taken a rather amusing turn. "Did you write this yourself?" – a question that seems to have gained in popularity recently.

Mixed Microsoft

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Our relationship with technology can be complicated, to say the least. I've found myself in a love-hate relationship with Microsoft in particular. It all started in 2002, the year I got my first computer, where Windows Media Player skins and the world of gaming on the Xbox captured my teenage heart.

Human Speedrun

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

While being fully caught up by the magic of artificial intelligence and technological innovation, it's easy to forget the power of human ingenuity and collaboration. Speedruns are a good example and a powerful reminder of what humans can achieve when we come together to find the optimal path forward.

Eye Tracking

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

With the much-anticipated launch of Apple's Vision Pro, a groundbreaking headset designed for augmented and virtual reality experiences, there are some ethical considerations worth discussing. While this innovation offers exciting possibilities for content creation, it also raises profound ethical questions.

Summarize Everything

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Time is arguably our most precious resource, yet we've all encountered those long articles that promised to be just a "5 to 10-minute read". Let's be honest; most of us struggle to meet that expectation. It's an issue that has been gnawing at me for quite a while now.

Spotify Videos

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

After writing my recent article titled β€œSpotify Playlists,” where I explored the intricate nature of Spotify's role in managing playlists, I couldn't help but ponder on the future of this music streaming giant. Spotify, once a disruptor in the music industry, has grown to an unprecedented scale. However, it seems like they might be underutilizing their potential.

Travel GPT

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Traveling can be great, but I found traditional travel guidebooks to often fall short of catering to my individual preferences. They tend to dictate what to do, where to go, and even what to eat, without considering my unique interests. Fortunately, in this digital age, we have access to tools like ChatGPT to enhance our travel experiences in various ways.

WhatsApp Tricks

4 min. readπŸ“’Β Social Media

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Meta for their dominant position in the social media landscape, particularly due to their acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, I can't deny the benefits of WhatsApp, their "foster-child" application for instant messaging.

Google Antitrust

6 min. readπŸ“œΒ Legislation

This week marked the start of a significant trial in the United States, one that has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and legal experts alike. In one corner we have the US government and in the other Google. The outcome will determine whether Google is guilty of violating antitrust laws, particularly concerning the dominant position of its search engine.

Reversed Causality

5 min. readπŸ€”Β Philosophy

In our world, governed by the relentless flow of time, we are intimately acquainted with the concept of cause and effect. Our actions in the present create the path to our future, a linear narrative that shapes our lives. But what if we dared to imagine a reversal of this paradigm?

Streaming Software

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

At approximately the age of 12, a significant shift occurred in how I consumed media. This was a time where many of us, myself included, were used to downloading media, patiently waiting for files to be delivered onto our computers. Then, one day, Windows Media Player introduced me to the concept of "buffering" video content.

Quitting Socials

5 min. readπŸ“’Β Social Media

Five years ago, I did something that would significantly impact my digital landscape: I said goodbye to my Facebook account, and a year later to Instagram as well. One of the reasons for this decision was the Cambridge Analytical scandal, which made me question the ethical practices of Meta (formerly known as Facebook).

Regulating Tech

8 min. readπŸ“œΒ Regulation

As big-tech companies face growing scrutiny for their monopolistic behavior, finding a solution that benefits everyone continues to remain a challenge. In the end, we all want a solution that promotes healthy competition, consumer choice, and technological diversity and innovation.

Emotional Design

6 min. read🎨 Software Design

In the sphere of product development, a multitude of factors contribute to the creation of a successful product: a dedicated team, effective leadership, and abundant resources. However, I'd like to discuss one fundamental aspect that often goes unnoticed.

Google Videos

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

The rise of YouTube as our premier video platform is a story of corporate foresight and strategic business decisions. As I recall, YouTube's popularity surged when videos were still being played through Flash Player, with native videos on the web being a distant dream.

Emotional Messages

5 min. read🧠 Psychology

Have you ever found yourself struggling to put your emotions into words? Those moments when you're pressed for time, and words seem inadequate to express your feelings? Suddenly, a tiny emoji appears, perfectly encapsulating the sentiment you want to convey. 🀩

Spotify Playlists

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

It's remarkable how often I just want to turn on the music, similar to what we expect from the good old-fashioned radio. However, streaming platforms such as Spotify have changed the game, allowing us to tune into specific genres, moods, and activities. Yet, when browsing through the genres, it's hard not to notice that most of these playlists are managed by Spotify themselves.

Physical Stores

8 min. readπŸ’ΎΒ Nostalgia

Every Friday evening, my fiancΓ© and I share this cherished ritual – a visit to our local shopping mall. While she explores the book section, my curiosity often leads me straight to the electronics department. It's a peculiar habit, considering how infrequently I make in-store purchases these days, especially in that specific store.

Google Reviews

5 min. read🧠 Business

Recently, an incident caught my attention, which, in my opinion, highlights the fragile nature of online reviewing platforms and the tough balancing act they must maintain. A restaurant found itself the target of a coordinated attack on Google Reviews, where numerous negative reviews, all falsely claiming poor food and service quality, were posted.

Don't Know

7 min. read🧠 Psychology

In a world where knowledge is often seen as power, it's remarkable how reluctant people can be to admit when they don't know something. This tendency is particularly pronounced when individuals find themselves cast in the role of experts, whether in politics, social settings, or online.

Working Less

5 min. read🌍 Culture

From the rise of the industrial age to the digital era, the 40-hour workweek has been considered the standard for full-time employment. Isn't it time to reconsider this? Evidence is increasingly suggesting that working less could lead to greater productivity and happier employees.

Web Apps

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

A recent announcement by Netflix to launch a bunch of games accessible through their website is another reminder of the potential of web technology. In my opinion, this is a clear indication that our browsers are evolving from mere gateways to the internet into platforms for diverse applications, including gaming.

Joining Substack

4 min. read😊 Personal

Ever since I launched this blog a little over a year ago, I've found it to be both an absolute delight and a surprising time commitment. Diving into the latest developments in tech, sharing my insights, and engaging with you all on these topics has been quite a ride so far.

Nolanian Bias

7 min. read🌌 Science

Today, my fiancΓ©e and I had the chance to step back in time at a photo museum. We were intrigued by a large, circular wooden machine dating back to 1905. This old-world contraption, equipped with 25 binocular-style viewing holes, allowed the public to interact with 3D images for the first time.

xAI Thoughts

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur and visionary, recently launched, a company aiming to "understand the universe" using artificial intelligence. This audacious endeavor, however, raises some questions. Is Musk's definition of the universe aligned with ours, or is it skewed by his ego or some hidden agenda?

Apple's Strategy

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

As we anticipate the launch of Apple's iPhone 15, it appears that the company is struggling with declining hardware sales, especially from the iPhone. An increasing amount of their earnings are now being generated by their services, such as iCloud. Meanwhile, the industry's gaze is fixed on Apple's new AR glasses, Apple Vision Pro, and its potential to redefine Apple's business model and our interaction with their technology.

Challenging OpenAI

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

The race to AI supremacy is on, and the battlefield is ever-evolving. OpenAI is the current frontrunner, a fresh-faced contender challenging Google's stronghold. While Google has the advantage of data and computing power, its position is not unassailable. Meanwhile, Microsoft, OpenAI's primary benefactor, is integrating the powers of ChatGPT into their products, thereby indirectly entering this competition.

Regulating AI

4 min. readπŸ“œΒ Regulation

The rapid advancement of AI technology has set off alarm bells for individuals and organizations alike, sparking concerns about its implications for businesses and personal lives. With regulations designed to make AI safer and more responsible likely on the horizon, a recent discussion between President Joe Biden and leading tech figures has reinforced our collective commitment towards this goal. However, how will these rules affect AI in the long run?

User Feedback

6 min. readπŸ“šΒ Research

Recently, I had the pleasure to participate in a user experience interview for Brain FM's newest interface design. As an active member of their Discord server, I've been contributing and sharing my feedback and ideas regularly. This whole experience has been fun and rewarding, as it allowed me to directly contribute to a product I enjoy.

Brain Massage

4 min. readπŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈΒ Lifestyle

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience a unique offering from Rituals, a brand renowned for their personal care product range. On a visit to their flagship store in Antwerp, Belgium, I was intrigued by a new section separated by a large, soundproof glass wall. This space, explained the store's staff, was home to their latest innovation: two massage stations, one for a "brain massage" through sound, and the other offering a "physical massage" via water vibrations on a water bed.

AI Therapy

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Much has happened ever since ChatGPT was introduced, and experts from all fields have shared their own predictions of what will possibly be the implications of AI in our daily lives. At the same time, speculating about the future, especially when it comes to AI, remains quite difficult. However, personally I believe AI will ultimately become our personal therapist, deeply integrated into our lives, and perhaps even a reflection of our own consciousness.

Pro Con

4 min. readπŸš€Β Entrepreneurship

In 2014, fresh out of college, I embarked on an exciting journey to bring my idea for a reviewing platform to life. Armed with limited experience but a strong determination, I set out to utilize the tools, skills, and resources available to me at the time. Little did I know that this endeavor would prove to be an immensely valuable and transformative experience.

Start-up Advice

6 min. readπŸš€Β Entrepreneurship

Launching any business is hard, and this definitely holds true for an online business. As someone who has launched several websites and applications over the years, I can attest to the challenges and lessons learned throughout the process. For me it all began back in 2004, when I built my first website offering free fonts.

The News

5 min. readπŸš€Β Entrepreneurship

In 2012, I created a small application called "The News" (, driven by my frustration with general newspapers and online news sources. I found the content too broad and noisy, making it difficult to find articles that were interesting and relevant to me personally. The News was a simple web application that allowed users to filter news articles by selecting specific topics of interest, providing a curated selection of articles in an easy-to-use, responsive layout.

Unguided Practice

3 min. readπŸ”Β Analysis

Learning new skills and achieving our goals often begins with seeking guidance from others who have already succeeded. We look for instructions, follow tutorials, or attend classes to gain knowledge. But what if we chose to explore and experiment without guidance? Could unguided practice lead us to new, innovative solutions and a deeper understanding? I believe this concept could potentially improve the way we learn and approach challenges.

Corporate Duality

5 min. readπŸ“œΒ Legislation

The business landscape is increasingly witnessing collaborations and acquisitions that may not be fully transparent to customers. These relationships, while offering strategic advantages to the companies involved, can lead to an unbalanced and opaque marketplace, affecting consumer choice and fostering potential market power abuse.

Personalized Censorship

5 min. readπŸ“’Β Social Media

Discussing the government's role in online censorship can often lead to heated debates, with some arguing that it is necessary for protecting users and others fearing the loss of freedom of speech. As social platforms struggle to balance government instructions and user protection, the conversation can quickly devolve into unbalanced, hateful or cynical opinions.

Selling Dreams

4 min. read🧠 Psychology

Large and small companies alike have mastered the art of selling not just their products or services, but something much more profound. While we may think they are trying to convince us with rational arguments, such as specifications, capabilities, ease of use, and design, we often overlook their real promise: a dream.

4 min. readπŸš€Β Entrepreneurship

In 2010, at the age of twenty, I created a social network for designers and developers to connect and called it called, which referred to the phrase "See you around", which used frequently back then in instant messaging. Its logo, a small egg, symbolized a project in progress. Despite my limited experience, primarily gained through a few college classes, I managed to develop a first version using PHP and MySQL, along with HTML & CSS.

Apple Journal

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Apple, the trillion-dollar tech giant, announced a new Journal app this week for their latest version of iOS and has left me wondering, once again, the company's true intentions. I can't help but ask myself if this is a genuine effort to address growing mental health concerns, or is there a more strategic motivation behind this move?

Divergent Thinking

5 min. read🧠 Psychology

Throughout my life, I have often found myself navigating the contrasting worlds of logic and creativity. Whether it was providing the right answer to a math problem or coming up with multiple solutions based on a single piece of information, I have always been intrigued by the contradicting nature of these two modes of thinking.

Free Internet

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Ever since the dawn of the internet, we have seen a monumental shift in the way we live our lives. From communication and banking to entertainment and navigation, the internet has become an integral part of our daily routines. However, despite its ubiquitous presence, we still find ourselves at the mercy of mobile providers, grappling with data limits and hefty fees for crossing those boundaries.

Destination Reached?

7 min. readβͺΒ Throwback

This essay was written by me 2010 as part of a school assignment on media revolutions. A lot has changed since then, but I still find it enjoyable to revisit essays like these as a reminder of how significantly technology has evolved in a relatively short period of time.

Play Test

5 min. readπŸ”Β Analysis

In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, the lines between our digital and physical reality are becoming increasingly blurred. The episode Play Test from the third season of the popular series Black Mirror and the film Beau is Afraid both explore the fascinating intersection of mental health, the human mind and technology.

Mental Models

4 min. read🎨 Software Design

The user experience of digital technologies has vast potential to be enhanced through intuitive interface design, specifically by looking at the user's mental model. By aligning a product’s use of language and visual metaphors with how users naturally think, good user experiences can become great ones.


5 min. readπŸš€Β Entrepreneurship

Back in 2006, when Flash was still a popular tool for building websites and projects, I found myself completely captivated by its capabilities. As a designer, Flash was the perfect fit for someone like me, with dreams of building something but lacking the extensive experience and skills to do so in other ways. Around the same time, I discovered the power of PHP.

Random Poetry

2 min. readπŸ“œΒ Poetry

I know I promised not to bore you with random poetry, yet here we are... πŸ˜‰

The Web

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

The World Wide Web is an awe-inspiring testament to the power of democratized systems and standardized layers of languages and conventions. As a vast network of interconnected "islands", it showcases our collective potential when we come together as a community.

Social Needs

8 min. readβͺΒ Throwback

Originally titled "Eating, Drinking, Facebook," was written by me back in 2011 and delves into the role of social media in meeting our social needs as individuals. While it started as a school assignment, it has remained of personal interest to me.

Pure Information

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Did you know our brain is not aware of our five senses but rather interprets the signals it receives, without knowing where they come from? This fundamental aspect of human experience has profound implications for how we understand and interact with the world around us. Just the thought of this inspires me.

Safari Dominance

6 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Apple has long been a dominant force in the mobile and personal computer industry, continually pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. In many ways, the company has played a crucial role in shaping our modern tech landscape, but at what cost?

Developer FOMO

4 min. readπŸ’»Β Development

As a developer, I often find myself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available from industry-related newsletters and Twitter in particular. Each source clamors for attention, demanding those few additional, precious minutes of my spare time. This fear of missing out can be quite a struggle.

Scoped Logic

7 min. readπŸ€”Β Philosophy

Try solving a PHP problem using CSS and you probably wouldn't get very far. This is to be expected, since a certain set of rules does not apply to a different scope of logic. Then again, wouldn't you be curious to see what CSS would come up with if we insisted?

Laravel Thoughts

4 min. readπŸ’»Β Development

Laravel is a PHP web application framework that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. One of the primary reasons for its success is the framework's ability to provide a default setup that makes it easier for developers to get started with building applications. It almost feels too good to be true.

Apple Intelligence

3 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

When it comes to the field of artificial intelligence, many tech giants are battling for dominance, however, one of them has remained relatively quiet: Apple. This is not a coincidence, but rather a calculated move on Apple's part. The company has recognized that it is not a data company and should not try to become one especially if it means risking user privacy.

Everything App

3 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

The concept of an "everything app" has been a topic of discussion for some time now, and recently Elon Musk expressed interest in transforming Twitter into one such platform. The idea behind an everything app is to provide users with a single platform for all their needs, ranging from messaging to shopping to social media.

Web OS

5 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

The future of mobile technology and operating systems is a topic that has been widely discussed and debated. With the rapid advancements in technology, it is difficult to predict exactly what the future will hold. However, there are a few trends that are likely to shape the future of mobile technology and operating systems.

Flash Back

3 min. readπŸ’ΎΒ Nostalgia

Flash was a powerful tool created by Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, allowed developers and designers to create stunning websites and interactive applications that revolutionized the web. Its ease of use and versatility made it a popular choice for web development. So what happened to it?

Hello World

4 min. readπŸ’ΎΒ Nostalgia

In the early days of web development, creating a website was a much simpler task than it is today. Back then, most of us used Macromedia Dreamweaver or similar tools to create static HTML and CSS files, which they uploaded to the server using good old FTP. These were the days when jobs like "webmaster" were still a thing.

Street Corners

2 min. read😊 Personal

Ever found yourself constantly juggling between different projects, languages, and codebases? It can be challenging to keep track of everything, especially when working on complex projects with multiple modules and dependencies. In fact, this context switching appears to be cognitively the most intense. However, have you ever considered using your imagination to help you remember code?

New Co-Writer

1 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was interesting, but never bothered to write it down? Maybe you felt like it was irrelevant or you were just too lazy to put it on paper. That's how I felt. But then, something interesting happened. I discovered the power of ChatGPT.

Silicon Syndrome

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, people often switch between different solutions to suit their needs. I, for one, have transitioned from Microsoft Windows to Apple MacOS and eventually landed on Linux Ubuntu. Interestingly, each switch happened over a ten-year period, which perhaps is telling me something?

Offline November (2022)

4 min. readπŸ“±Β Technology

We have become more and more dependent on technology, and smartphones are at the forefront of it. Have we ever stopped to think about just how much we rely on them? That is precisely what I wanted to find out by going without my smartphone for a month.

My Story

10 min. read😊 Personal

At the age of 13, during a family holiday in France, a fellow kid mentioned how he had used Adobe Photoshop to create all sorts of graphics, including a website. I was intrigued and immediately installed a somewhat legal copy of Photoshop 7 when I returned home.


3 min. read😊 Personal

Let's be honest. The internet is overflowing with articles, blog posts, and websites on every topic imaginable. So, when I first thought about starting a blog as a web developer, I had my doubts. What could I possibly contribute that hasn't been said before? Who would even read it?