Normalize Everything

By Mark Nuyens
2 min. read📱 Technology

In addition to summarizing our information, we could leverage the powers of AI to enhance our content to increase accessibility and engagement.

In a previous article, I explored the use of AI tools for summarizing content to save time and improve reader engagement. However, I believe that AI can play an even more significant role in our every-day communication by normalizing content.

Content normalization involves removing unnecessary details and noise to convey only the most relevant and useful information. This is particularly valuable for formal messages or articles intended for a wide audience. By normalizing content, we can prevent misinterpretation, ensure that it conforms to social norms, and make it more accessible and enjoyable to read.

While I appreciate the value of authentic human text and its artistic qualities, I believe that AI can assist in making content more understandable without compromising its intended meaning. Authors can use AI tools to both summarize and refine their text, ensuring that it aligns with the intended message. This can increase the likelihood that readers will engage with and comprehend the content.

Some existing tools can convert text into a more refined version. However, I believe that human involvement is crucial to ensure that the AI's interpretation accurately conveys the intended message. Ultimately, AI should remain a tool, not a medium.

By using AI as an intermediate layer, we can strike a balance between human-written text and AI-generated content. This approach allows us to communicate our messages more effectively, ensuring that they are both meaningful and accessible.

While this concept may seem simple, it presents a valuable middle ground that combines the strengths of human authenticity and AI's analytical capabilities. By keeping humans in the loop, we maintain control over the quality and consistency of our communication.