Random Poetry

By Mark Nuyens
2 min. read📜 Poetry

In twisted paths and tangled ways, We forge our lives through endless maze; A quest for meaning, order found, In chaos, we seek solid ground.

Into the labyrinth we stride, Uncertain of our way, we glide; Each step we take, each corner turned, Expands the maze, the truth adjourned.

With every twist and turn we weave, More tangled threads our minds conceive; We beckon others to our side, To join the journey, far and wide.

We celebrate the pioneers, Who chart new paths, dispel our fears; Yet with each page of life unwound, The tale's already written, bound.

The maze, a concrete metaphor, For life's perception, evermore; A puzzle not of walls and stones, But our own minds, on which it thrives.

As elegance devolves to fray, The maze's charm begins to sway; Proving only energy's dance, While time's decision leaves no chance.

In seeking order, we design, A world of mazes, intertwined; Yet in our quest to comprehend, We miss the beauty of the bend.

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