Joining Substack

By Mark Nuyens
4 min. read😊 Personal

Ever since I launched this blog a little over a year ago, I've found it to be both an absolute delight and a surprising time commitment. Diving into the latest developments in tech, sharing my insights, and engaging with you all on these topics has been quite a ride so far.

However, I've come to realize that while my website will always remain the central hub for my articles, there are certain limitations that can't be overlooked. The chief among them is discoverability. While Google does its part and word-of-mouth referrals from friends, family, and colleagues have been invaluable, expanding my network to connect with other tech enthusiasts, industry insiders, and like-minded individuals has proven to be a tricky task.

Moreover, while my website is a great platform for a blog and portfolio, it lacks certain key features that are essential for growing an engaged reader base - like the ability to comment on articles and subscribe to my much-promised newsletter.

While there are ways to incorporate these features into my website, I feel it's time to leverage a platform designed from the ground up to provide these services. That's why I'm excited to announce that as of today, I have officially become a member of Substack.

For those who are unfamiliar with Substack, it's is a platform that empowers authors to publish their work, engage with their audience, and build a community around their content. It's the perfect solution for authors like myself who want to share their thoughts and insights with a larger audience, without the hassle of managing the technicalities.

This also means that I'll finally be able to launch the newsletter I've been promising. All you need to do to subscribe is to enter your email address on my homepage. That way, you'll be the first to know about new articles published on my Substack. Of course, you can always visit my website if that's what you prefer.

I am eager to start this new chapter and look forward to sharing my work with a wider audience. I am incredibly grateful for all of your support and encouragement. I hope you'll continue to follow along on this journey, both here and on Substack.

See you around and happy reading!